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Best Deals Double Wide Mobile Homes

Double wide mobile homes have not always been looked at favorably. In truth, there is nothing wrong with going with this option other than stereotype. There are several reasons you should consider manufactured homes. The one point to be made is you need a new home. You should order your home from the manufacturer rather than shopping around at homes for sale, especially if you are finding homes made from the 90s or earlier. It is true that quality has not always been a part of the manufactured home like a custom built house, but this has changed in recent years.

Double Wide Mobile Homes

You may have all your friends over to your new double wide mobile home and they will never know it was manufactured and trucked to you, unless you tell them. This is because the features you can have in the home are just as beautiful as any custom home. You can have oak, cherrywood or other wood cabinets in the kitchen. You can have the granite or slate countertop you love. If you prefer tile and carpet, you can go with an inexpensive option that gives your home a better look than vinyl flooring or wood laminate flooring. You could even have glass in the cabinet doors if you wish.

The beauty of double wide mobile homes is having more space than a single mobile home. You can spread things out and make it look much nicer. Certainly you can conserve space if you wish such as a built in ironing board in the wall, but any home can have that.

If you would like to save on electricity you can have a gas fireplace. It would cost a little for the gas, but the potential to warm your home with the fireplace is high. You might be able to keep the other heating option lower.

Perhaps what you really care about is the bathroom. You can have a beautiful bathroom worthy of any luxury home in double wide mobile homes. A double vanity with double sink, garden tub, and walk in shower are all possible. You could even have dual mirrors or one long mirror depending on the size of your vanity. If you have the budget add in a TV above the tub so you can enjoy jets, TV, and a nice relaxing bath.

It used to be that mobile homes had single pane windows, not enough insulation and cheap d?cor. This is not the case now. Manufacturers of double wide mobile homes want the luxury home owner to start looking at this affordable option, which can include multiple bedrooms. The materials and d?cor can be picked by you so it has that custom feel.

The best part is if you need to move you can take your house with you. Even if it is on a permanent foundation it can still be moved. Perhaps this is the largest benefit of double wide mobile homes- the fact that it can move with you. Keep in mind you can have an energy efficient home. You can have more insulation, energy efficient appliances installed, and better windows. You can also choose a size that works for you to ensure you have enough space without spending a great deal of money. Most double wide mobile homes can be purchased for under $200,000 and still keep some value for resale.


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