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Double wide homes have earned a stereotype for being cheap, inexpensive, and low income homes. It is not an accurate picture at all of these mobile style homes. If cared for double wide homes can be a wonderful option for the budget conscious. In fact, as a first home they make a good buy. This is not to say everything is positive as there are going to be some downsides to buying this type of home. By looking at the negative aspects first, you can then see why you might wish to consider purchasing a new double wide home straight from the manufacturer.

Double Wide Homes

Negative aspects of double wide homes

It is true there is a significant depreciation in value of these homes. Unlike most homes, the stereotype plays a large role in decreasing the value instead of increasing it. They are made with less expensive materials. In the 70s for example aluminum was used. They are still made with metal, wood, and vinyl siding, but this has helped increase the quality somewhat. Still, you will find unless the home is in perfect condition you will lose value on the resale.

Most double wide homes are not energy efficient. The lower cost of materials does affect the energy efficiency. There are certain things you can do to counteract this, though. When purchasing direct from the manufacturer, you can increase the cost of the home slightly to ensure double pane windows and more insulation throughout the home.

You will want to affix the home to the ground even though they are also mobile. The reason for a permanent foundation is found in the mortgage. To get a standard 30 year fixed mortgage the double wide home must be affixed to the ground. If it is moveable it is not considered a standard house; thus, your ability to get financing is limited.

Neighborhoods have covenants which limit what type of home you can place on a piece of property. It is often why you find many manufactured homes are in the same area without any custom built structures. You also may find the luxury neighborhoods refuse double wide homes.

Positive aspects of these homes

It may seem like this review is all negative of double wide homes, but in truth it pays to know what some of the downsides are so you can see the good sides. Double wide homes are often less expensive than asking a general contractor to build you a custom home. It is because a manufacturer can build and transport the home, doing all the work in one place and at any factory. They build more and build quickly to ensure lower costs. Yes, materials may differ, but you can always request more insulation and double pane windows to ensure the home is energy efficient.

You certainly have a home that can be taken off the permanently fixed foundation and moved if necessary. Also, the quality of these homes is such today that you have probably looked at a few on the market in nice neighborhoods without realizing you were in a manufactured home. If you order new there is no reason you cannot get tile floors, granite countertops, and other upscale features to make your home a wonderful place to live. You may know it is manufactured, but when you get ready to sell only the laws of disclosure will make it known.


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